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Whether you are looking for help with a specific symptom or condition, or are considering treatment as part of your health and well-being regime, the holistic and profound approach of Structural Massage can help.

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Bernard Porter

What is Structural Massage?

The intention of Structural Massage is to make a lasting positive change in how you feel and how you inhabit your body.

‘Structure’ refers to the deep, underlying internal arrangement of our bodies; it is this profound level on which the treatment of Structural Massage is focussed. By effecting changes on this deeper level of structure we can enhance levels of physical freedom, mobility and bodily comfort.

Differing from the more traditional approach wherein the practitioner ‘acts on’ the client, I prefer to work with my clients, the two of us collaborating in the therapeutic process. It is in this way that you gain the most you can from your sessions and become empowered to unlock the health potential of your own body.

The scope of Structural Massage is far-reaching. It is a strong, holistic approach to bodywork with a transformational potential.



A Few Testimonials

The work Bernard did on my ribs and chest was incredible. The only way to describe the sensation after the treatment was as if I’d been released from a cage, which, in a sense, was true – my ribcage had relaxed and opened up enormously.

Katarina, Singer.

Working alongside Bernard for the last few years, I have experienced the effectiveness and lasting benefits of his work both as a client and as a colleague. His unique approach and focused treatments have helped me resolve long-standing posture related problems. His treatments are insightful and precise and combine a variety of quality techniques. And his dedication and passion are contagious!

Alexandra, Physiotherapist.

I have had many massages from various massage therapists in London over the years, but there have only been two that I have gone back to time and time again. Bernard Porter was one of them as he has the special gift of knowing instinctively what your body needs and after every visit I walked away feeling much relief and beaming! I would without hesitation recommend him time and time again.

Scott, Education Professional.


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